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things you must have on your about page


As a professional and creative, your presence and statement are vital. When we reflect on the website as an online home in which you adorn the walls with your work; the audience naturally would like to meet the host and the person whose services they are considering. After all, a beautiful home without the warmth […]

5 things you must have on your website


To fully understand the concept of what to include on your website, you must first understand it. Primarily, it is one of the most important assets of your creative business. It is your corner in the online world, a sanctuary where your brand vision dwells, therefore it is important to make it distinctive and properly […]

3 signs that your business needs a rebranding


One of your most important brand assets is your website – it’s a reflection of your hard work, a sacred place where all your visuals and artful approach entwine into a beautifully curated representation of your talent. As such it is very important to do you justice in all of its aspects, after all, it […]

3 Tips to build a highly converting portfolio


Have you ever wondered why despite all of your efforts and beautiful work you simply cannot convert most of your dream clients into buyers? Your social media is performing splendidly, while all those who visit your website don’t seem to be further interested. A common mistake that creative entrepreneurs do is to treat their site […]

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