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confidence, meaning and style .

When our paths crossed we immediately knew that we were meant to create our own universe together.
We pursued our wildest dreams and created our successful wedding photography brand "Flora and Grace" which is also internationally recognized and recommended by VOGUE UK. Whenever we create a visual language for our clients we aren't only doing a design but bring all of our personal stories, talents and passions to every project which also brought us into the pages of world renowned fashion magazines. 

Jasmin has an academic background in communication design and adores editorial photography, nature and design. Her curiousity about design, photography and planet earth guides all of her creative decisions. She enjoys summer days in the meadows as much as a rainy autumn day in the woods. A heavenly scented cinnamon candle, wild flower bouquets, books, star-gazing at night and shared moments anywhere on earth with Tim will always give her a grounded feeling. 

Tim is a technical mind with a degree in Engineering but his heart decided to make him a film producer with a late night Fleur de Sel Chocolate obsession. He will always get up early to see the sunrise and is fuelled by wanderlust. His creative career started hosting Open Air Festivals where he learned everything about marketing, conceptual design and project organization. Later he found his passion for cinematography and founded his first brand together with Jasmin.

dreamer | star gazer | creative director

wanderer | engineer | strategist


Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.



Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.
From the films we produce and the brands we elevate. Our most important relationship is the one we have with intuition and our customers. Wholeheartedly listening to understand what they think about what they do, following their vision and expressing it in a distinctive language, really matters. 

We have a refined sensitivity toward the beauty and art of nature. Garden of Muses goes against the trend of taking more from the mother earths resources than it can replace. We want to be part of a legacy that considers the cost of ecological overspending. All of our design decisions are rooted in our conscious approach. 

We like to make complex things easy to understand to reveal the purest intentions. It's our way of life to keep things simple in everything we do. Being able to convey something powerful through that approach is the magic of Garden of Muses.

conscious design