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The story.

"Our fashion infused wedding photography & films capture the essence of peoples most delightful moments on earth. Much like the rhythm of words make up a poem and thoughtful shades of colors turn into a masterful painting, every one-of-a-kind story is the heart of a photography or film that truly allures. We sense wedding celebrations as an intimate occasion and will frame the most graceful seconds of peoples lives in an elegant, honest & stylish way. Seeing is not enough, we feel all the fleeting moments and turn a couples whole existence into a meaningful work of art."


How many times have you seen a website only to be turned off right away? Why? Because the experience didn't make a lasting impression on your heart. It is hugely important that the design does not only show your work, but also smoothly transitions into the magical layers of your unique brand. Our evocative website designs are made to take your customers on a journey, enchant their hearts and turn on their imagination. We're here to ignite a love affair between your brand
and the hearts who experience it.

The enchanting

Over the last years Flora & Grace discerning couples have taken them to the most enchanting destinations in Europe like hilltop villages in the South of France, castles nestled in Tuscanys hills and further. The website is designed to reflect all the magical experiences which are the substance of the brand.
The website experience is a heartfelt journey through all the places and occassions that are the essence of the brand story. A sense of timeless yet contemporary beauty is on the core of every design decision made. Even in 50 Years Flora & Grace couples should feel inspired by the sincere connections they share with the places they have seen and the people that are close to their hearts.

campaign  FILM


A campaign film made for the Flora & Grace publication in
the British Vogue Magazine 2020.


"I am speechless. Their films evokes a blend of savoir vivre and beautiful simplicity"

the honey in their smiles

We ignite a love affair between
 your brand and the hearts who experience it. 

Ready to become
our muse?

We ignite a love affair between
 your brand and the hearts who experience it. 

Ready to become

our muse?

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