The seeds of your dreams

Cultivating visual stories
that connect.

To make your brand look it’s best, you’ll need a garden full of consistent, well-crafted and stylistic photos that visualize the aesthetic and heart of your business across all of your marketing material and online platforms.
Branding is more than just your beautiful logo, the colour palette and fonts. Having all of your visual elements work together cohesively is essential to maintain a strong brand storytelling and consistency.

Hearts want to connect with other hearts, relate to others stories and feel the soul of the brand.
Say goodbye to stock imagery that everyone is using and elevate your brand with your own, unique and beautifully on-brand photos. That's where our brand photography experience will work its magic for you.

Experience: 4-8 weeks  
starting at 2000€


infusing your brand
with a touch of editorial

Our stylistic imagery has already been published and recommended by BRITISH VOGUE magazine.
Here at "Garden of Muses" we bring all of our masterfully crafted & imagery into the hearts of your dream clients.
Let's elevate your brand through consistent & truly artisan visual storytelling that connects.



We start by sending you a questionnaire to get a better idea of what you’re looking for, we then set up a chat to talk through the brief and any other elements you need included. We're creating a moodboard together to understand the aesthetic of your brand.



We will sort through the information we have gathered so far and begin to create the design process of your shoot. We will introduce our ideas and mood for the shoot and 
suggest ideal locations, vendors, styling and props you need. 

potential Location fees, travel fees, props and other vendors are not included in our pricing.



We will realize the branding shoot full day (max. 5h). Branding shoots include all edited photos (max. 150) including portraits, refined detail shots etc. Your photos are designed to help you market your brand and the story behind. They will give your brand a consistency  throughout all your Social Media, Website and Print Materials.



3-6 weeks after your branding shoot you will receive a beautiful online gallery
for the download of your images. All images are full resolution in artisan
portfolio quality. 

a taste of our latest
branding photography experiences.

harmonizing your style

Discover our bespoke
brand films

We know about your need to harmonize your videos with the style of your branding. 
While your amazing brand film should be aesthetically impressive we also focus on the story driven beauty to make it emotionally impressive enough to call up feelings of your audience. 

Connecting your brand to your wildest dreams

What you will get:


Creative Consulting
Moodboard Design 
based on your brand goals
Color Palette Developement


3-5h Photoshoot 
Styling of your brand elements
Details & Outfit Proposals
Location Suggestions


100-150 edited photos in artisan
portfolio quality

Variation of photographs for use
of your Social Media, Website Design
and all of your Marketing Platforms


Content Layout for your Instagram Feed 
Content Strategy for your Instagram Feed
Branded Social Media Templates (Stories & Feed)
for Canva / Photoshop in your Brand Aesthetic (reflecting the design of your Website)



"They understand the soul of your brand and create magic with the core of your own story."

the honey in their smiles
journey together
Let's wander this

ready for your golden moment?

Frequently Asked Questions

+ can i bring ideas for my photos?

At "Garden of Muses" it's all about bringing your unique vision to life. It's essential to dig deep into your mind to understand what you really need for your brand. We're always working with your dreams and visions to create visual stories like no other.

+ what does a brand shoot cost?

The pricing depends on the size of your project and how we'll realize it. Our brand film experiences are starting at 2000€.


Developing the creative direction and realizing the shoot takes between 4-6 weeks. Each week you will receive our progress for feedback before we continue on for the next phase.

+ will you choose a location?

Our creative direction is absolutely on point and always based on your brands needs. Some brand narratives work better through simplicity in a studio, some stories need authentic work surroundings, other brands need an elevated location to set a brand into the right surroundings. We will suggest locations that will speak the language of your brand to guarantee the best quality.

costs for studio rental and location fees
are not included in our pricing.

because we dare

The dreams we realized

for our clients


A brand story that is inspired by fashion, ballet, art and timeless editorial photography. Julias vision is to make a woman should feel like a goddess. She's a creator of feminine bridal looks which are radiant, rosy and fresh with a touch of wildly romantic.


A modern & romantic identity that takes you on a trip to the universe of the artists sweet creations. Always keeping a secret or two in the smallest details. This brand is the definition of modern luxury that is defined by the quality of beautiful experience and stepping away from wastefulness.


Love Lace Bridal offers a handpicked collection of the finest and unconventional clothes from its own label and designers around the world. It is inspiring how graceful, excitingly feminine and lovely the creations are. "Love Lace Bridal" is like an excursion into a world created from the finest Italian tulle, pure silk mousse or the finest French Chantilly lace.